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Are you facing a loss of revenue due to empty trucks
or partial fulfillment of your trucks?

Live Loads on the Go

Empty trucks or partially filled trucks results in loss of revenue for the Contractors. To combat this problem, Tonnij provides an opportunity for the Contractors to list their live trucks for picking up live loads while their trucks are on their way to their destination. Through Tonnij app now the Contactors can get their load allocated at all times, from registered Brokers or other Contractors who have an excess of the load. Tonnij through its digital platform provides a complete picture to the Contactors of the total loads available, the total number of trucks and drivers available to carry such loads.

Live Trucks

Tonnij is a one-stop solution for the Contractors for listing their live trucks for hire. Tonnij app/digital platform enables Contractors to offer their trucks for hire to Brokers as well as other Contractors at lucrative prices. In the Tonnij app/ digital platform Contractors can upload, specifications, type, and capacity of their truck. Like Contractors often uploads trucks/vehicles having advanced features such as temperature control panel for carrying medicines, perishable items, and any other sensitive items, or trucks having supportive features to carry inflammable contents and liquids.

Tickets Management

Tonnij provides an excellent platform to the Contractors to raise tickets with all the necessary instructions like load weight, pick up and drop off points, the total duration of time within which the trucks are supposed to reach their destination, the preferred route with a site map, etc, to the Drivers, without the use of any paper. Through Tonnij the Contractors can track their orders and release funds for the payment of the Drivers and Brokers, once they complete their respective job. Such payments are released through the in-build secure payment system of Tonnij.

Invoice Management

Through Tonnij app/digital platform Contractors now can raise an invoice electronically to their customers paperless. For that matter, Contractors can also raise an invoice in advance from anywhere. Tonnij reduces the burden of work from the Contractors as it provides for readymade templates for the rising of invoices for Contractors. The invoice templates which are available on Tonnij’s platform are editable and therefore can be customized according to the needs of the Contractors.

Check the status of delivery

As and when tickets are raised by the Drivers on completion of their job, Contractors who are registered with Tonnij immediately gets a pop-up reflecting job completion by the drivers. Through Tonnij app/digital platform, now the Contractors can track the trucks and status of their delivery from the pickup point to the drop off point within one minute.


Contractors form one of the vital threads of the hauling business. Contractors are truck owners who either have their own set of Drivers for delivery of the loads, which they either pick up from customers or Brokers or hires the drivers from local listings or Brokers. Every Contractor desires consistent dump trucks for keeping their projects on time. But, the Contractors don’t have any tools or visibility for gaining control on their scheduled projects. With Tonnij, they can easily access and manage the haulers and can also get ensure that they would get satisfied with the project that they paid for.

The Contractors requires to spend a lot of time, in communication with the Drivers, explaining to them various requirements like load weight, pickup and drop off timing, delivery schedule, documents to be collected on delivery, the weight of the load, route instruction, location of the shipment to be dumped/ delivered, etc. Such a huge and complicated instruction process makes it essential for the Contractor or the Broker to hire a lot of manpower and resources, inflating the total cost of the business, which in turn decreases the cost to profit ratio of the business.

Further communication from Contractors to the Brokers through oral messages or video messages, not being listed task-wise, or gap in understanding between the Contractors in one hand and Brokers to Drivers, on the other hand, creates confusion in minds of the Drivers or Broker. Tonnij simply puts an end to all the above problems.


Drivers forms one of the three pillars of hauling business. They are the final executors of the consignment delivery deals and carries load from one pick up destination to the dump-off site, within given parameters by Contractors or Brokers.

Tonnij provides an efficient app/digital platform whereby Brokers and Contractors can list all the instructions and requirements with regard to the pick and delivery of the consignment, substantially reducing overall labor/ manpower costs, resources costs likecost of office space, stationaries and other business resources, to pull through the work. Tonnij also helps Brokers and Contractors to cut down upon their communication time with Drivers, providing relief from daily frustration of multiple explanation sessions.

Provides uninterrupted flow of load/ driving service requirements:

Tonnij app/digital platform enables Drivers to access multiple driving requirements/ loads to be transfers from Brokers and Contractors at a time and therefore, Drivers are no more required to sit ideal. Further Drivers accessing Tonnij app/digital platform has full freedom to either accept or reject the driving requests/load transfer requests coming from Brokers and/or Contractors.

Drivers get complete list of instructions /requirement in one single platter

At Tonnij app, Drivers gets the entire panel of information and requirement from the Broker and Contractor community along with the fees for consignment delivery/ dump-off and delivery routes in one place. Drivers also get intimated through regular pop-ups or messages from Tonnij portal in case Brokers or Contractors may require any diversion in the route of delivery.

Drivers can Track their load data and upload bills,and documents

Preserving and maintaining documents relating to shipping of consignment, export and bills like tolls, gas refill bills, keeping physical record of the length of the road trip until paid, have always been headache for the Drivers. Tonnij makes Drivers tension free by making document and bill submission absolutely paper free and prompt. Now, through Tonnij Drivers can submit the essential papers to the Brokers and Contractors without any hassle, at their convenience from anywhere.

Drivers can raise invoices electronically through Tonnij portal and get paid securely

The Drivers who are registered with Tonnij and collects loads from the Tonnij registered Contractors or Brokers, can easily raise invoice in advance even before completion of their work, i.e. as and when they find time during the course of their journey. Subsequently they may keep on submitting essential documents and bills, required to complete their job and get paid. Through Tonnij Drivers can upload their documents and invoices digitally from anywhere.

Drivers can flash their work experience

Through Tonnij app/digital platform, Drivers can upload their profile highlighting their shipment delivery experience, and attach their driving license and certifications pertaining to driving safety and driving courses. Such add-ons to their profile uphold their credibility as a Driver and help them negotiate better when it comes to driving fees/ rates. Also Tonnij has an inbuilt feedback sharing and/or rating mechanism by which Drivers as well as Contractors/ Brokers can rate each other.